Contact Lens Evaluation

Your Contact Lens Evaluation Includes:

Clinical Examination
   >> Visual acuity measurement
   >> Corneal curvature for proper contact lens design
   >> Corneal integrity
   >> Corneal sensitivity
   >> Eye aperture size measurements
   >> Eyelid evaluation
   >> Biomicroscopic observation of the eye
   >> Biomicroscopic evaluation of proper contact lens positioning and movement
   >> Tear flow analysis as it relates to quality and quantity of tears
   >> Tear film analysis as it relates to contact lens comfort
   >> Vertex distance conversions
   >> Diagnostic contact lens selection
   >> Contact lens application

History and Medical/Visual Needs
   >> Patient visual needs analysis
   >> Prescription considerations
   >> Medical considerations/contraindications for wear
   >> Allergy evaluation for contact lens material
   >> Recommendations for proper ultraviolet protection

Progress Evaluations
   >> Instruction on timely lens disposal and return visit reminders
   >> Periodic evaluation of your current backup spectacles
   >> Progress evaluations as required to check for healthy contact lens wear

Patient Instructions
   >> Instruction on proper cleaning, storage, and disinfection of contact lenses
   >> Techniques and tips on application and removal of contact lenses
   >> Instruction on contact lens care and handling
   >> Advice regarding use of makeup and/or other cosmetics with contact lenses
   >> Information regarding the use of contact lenses for sports
   >> Precautions regarding contact lenses and swimming

Emergency and Follow-up Care
   >> Answers to your contact lens related questions in office or by phone
   >> Advice on ho9w to identify a contact lens emergency
   >> Providing you access to emergency care from our office after hours


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